How to join and attend



After successful login the user will be redirectly to the Repository page.

The Repository contains all available courses.

Click the join button to access to the course

After Join the course you will be able to attend a specific Webinar:

Each Webinar includes a Presentation (Video and Powerpoint) , a Presenter Linkedin Page and a Survey (Webinar Evaluation):


For better user experience we advise the use of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome . Internet Explorer is much slower when presenting the video.

At any time, you can choose full screen mode on the same page, or in a new page. New page will start the video from the beginning.

After watching the video, you can use the navigation menu to return to the main webinar page

You can check from your Personal Desktop which Courses and Webinars you already finished and which ones are in progress at the moment:

After attending a webinar, please evaluate it. Only after receiving your evaluation, the webinar will be considered complete and with this information we will be able to improve and consider your suggestions.