Networking with other European and USA Networks is one of the advantages of being an member.

An example of this is the cooperation with ECRIN, the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network. ECRIN supports the conduction of independent, multinational clinical trials by managing and supporting clinical trials across borders, connecting networks, and advising and implementing policy, competitiveness and integration in European clinical research. as a disease oriented network in Ophthalmology is an ECRIN-ERIC Affiliate Partner, maintaining this way a close contact and opportunity to participate in collaborative projects. serves as a resource to ECRIN-ERIC in the area of vision and ophthalmology multinational clinical research, particularly by providing scientific and medical expertise, access to qualified Clinical Sites with patients and clinical research capacity in ophthalmology.

Positioning at the Ophthalmology Research in Europe serves as a fundamental resource for the development of translational research and particularly Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Innovation in the European Union in Ophthalmology.