EuReCCa – European Registry Childhood Cataract

EuReCCa – European Registry Childhood Cataract

Please read the latest agreement regarding the European paediatric cataract registry- EuReCCa

We are very pleased to announce that EuReCCa registryEuropean Registry for Childhood Cataract is now available and is also supported by EVICR-net. Paediatric cataract belongs to the rare diseases platform.

PURPOSE: EuReCCA is a registry for paediatric cataract surgery run under EUREQUO, a standing committee of the ESCRS which provides a platform to audit surgical results and encourages surgeons to adjust their techniques and improve their outcomes in one platform. Surgeons all over Europe and associated countries are welcome to connect and build a network to facilitate the exchange of expertise and the best care for paediatric patients.

Besides, it is the aim of EuReCCa to study the surgical outcome following different surgical procedures and to better understand the mechanism of emmetropisation going on in normal children compared to eyes presenting congenital cataract of different origin.


  1. The participating centers will have recognition as authors/acknowledge participant based on the regulations proposed by ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) and this in case papers are written on behalf of EuReCCa.
  2. The participating centers will be able to benchmark their results compared to the total group.
  3. Participating centers will be able to perform their own publications provided they submitted their study proposal to their own Ethical Committee. members can express their interest to participate by following the instructions below:

  • Open the link:
  • Choose “Register your interest” and scroll on the option EuReCCa – European Registry for Childhood Cataract Surgery
  • fill in the form to express your interest. You will receive a login to start your participation.

You do not need to be ESCRS member. However, if you are, fill in the item with your member number.